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Gerry Cronolly Flooring is an approved contractor for Altro flooring and wall products. Established since 1919, Altro specialise in White rock wall cladding and three different types of flooring:

Safety flooring (Slip Resistant Flooring)

Altro’s slip-resistant safety flooring is unique high grade vinyl flooring with slip-resistant grains throughout the wear layer of the safety flooring. This ensures a durable floor surface that is slip-resistant for the life of the flooring and it also meets the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

The benefits of using Altro’s Safety Flooring include:

  • Slip-resistant flooring even when wet throughout the lifetime of the floor
  • Impervious surface and grout-free flooring
  • Due to its flexibility it coves to wall joints for rounded corners
  • It incorporates Altro Easyclean Technology for improved cleanability
  • The vinyl is a resilient surface which is comfortable underfoot and contributes to reduced ambient noise levels
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous options are available in high quality PVC and aggregates throughout the wear layer guarantee a longer lasting performance
  • Altro provides heavy duty flooringsolutions that are durable and can withstand the toughest of environments without compromising on safety and hygiene.

For more information about Altro Safety Flooring.

Smooth flooring

Altro’s new collection of smooth flooring is versatile with a choice of 24 colours and their new approach to wood look flooring offers the same palette in a smooth, safety or acoustic flooring. This enables us at Gerry Cronolly Flooring to combine different types of flooring in adjacent areas without compromising on aesthetics.

 The benefits of using Altro Smooth Flooring Include:

  • Smooth floors not only provide attractive designs but they are easy to maintain and install
  • It is hygienic
  • It looks good and it is durable
  • Smooth floors can be welded to give an impervious floor and they are suitable for total interior cladding for clean room environments
  • Acoustic options are available
  • It easily co-ordinates with Altro safety flooring and wall cladding

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Rubber flooring

Altro’s Rubber Flooring is strong, stylish and versatile and you can feel the difference underfoot. Rubber flooring enables Gerry Cronolly Flooring to design and create a dynamic space in areas where durability is essential such as high traffic walkways.

The benefits of using Altro’s Rubber Flooring include: 

  • Altro’s Rubber Flooring is hardwearing and it resists most things from bumps to scrapes which makes it a very cost effective durable flooring option.
  • Rubber is comfortable underfoot and it provides excellent sound absorption making it perfect for schools, libraries, sports halls, leisure centres, offices and retail spaces.
  • It is hygienic and provides an attractive finish

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